Monthly Archives: November 2014

First Update In A Year


J. Arlin

It’s been over a year since my last update from the studio. Sorry!

A lot has happened this past year and i’ve been more busy than ever.

2014 started with the production of an EP by the Copenhagen based rock band Blushes, followed by visits from Etagen Under, Czeslaw Spiewa, The Reeling, Blended Brew, Dissing & Las, Vatlestad/Smith, Melba Vision, Nanna Elizabeth and a bunch of other exciting artists.
Most of these projects will be released during the spring 2015 but a few has already seen the light of day.

Of course the equipment list has been growing almost everyday and new pictures will be added soon.

I just returned from my first session at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London where we finished the coming debut album from Blended Brew. The experience was mind-blowing and a I will be returning soon.

I’m currently working on a new release with singer/songwriter J. Arlin. We have the most amazing players joining the recordings, which is by the way done all analog to 2″ tape on our newly acquired Studer A80 MK1. We will be working extensively for the rest of the year to make everything ready for another visit at Abbey Road in january where the final magic touch be added.

Lastly, i promise to update this site more often.