Monthly Archives: June 2013

New studio


Welcome to the new Vibe Factory. Check out our new studio and website.
We just spent a year constructing and relocating the studio and we’re extremely exited about the result. It’s a lot larger than our old space, closer to the city and filled with daylight and great equipment.
On our new website we will post weekly updates about what’s going on in the studio. Feel free to share our posts with your social network.

Rasmus Hoff

Rasmus Hoff is currently in the studio working on a new single called “The Sea”. Rasmus is playing most of the instruments himself on this psychotic rock song. We’re pretty exited about it already.
On the picture Rasmus is playing his telecaster through our 1954 Fender Super Amp – it’s some of the best guitar sounds we’ve heard in a long time.