For the nerds..



We just got our beloved Pultec EQP-1′s back from the tech. Recapped and ready for another 50 years of daily use.

The Pultec is probably the most legendary equalizer ever made and can be heard on countless recordings from the past five decades.

In the documentation supplied with the EQP-1, it is recommended that both Boost and Attenuation not be applied simultaneously to the low frequencies because in theory, they would cancel each other out. In actual use however, the Boost control has slightly higher gain than the Attenuation has cut, and the frequencies they affect are slightly different. The EQ curve that results when boost and attenuation are simultaneously applied to the low shelf is difficult to describe, but very cool: Perhaps the sonic equivalent of a subtle low-midrange scoop, which can add clarity. A great trick for kick drums and bass instruments.